Top 5 Frank Ocean songs… post Channel Orange

“He (Frank Ocean) made his name, after all, by dodging tidy categorization, confounding expectation and disobeying prevailing rules of genre and sexuality.”– Kevin Scanlon (Rollingstone Mag)

5 – Close to you (off of the 2016 album Blond) Mixed with Stevie Wonder’s cover of “close to you” this is Frank paying homage and doing it effortlessly. His voice is mixed so perfect and it feels like your just floating on the waves that is Stevie in the background. The modern mix of drums and beat pads helps to add an updated sound to this classic carpenters song, Frank is the maestro and is playing his own symphony thats how smooth he comes across on this track.

Frank Ocean – Blond

4- Nights (off of the 2016 album Blond) This track is what no one ever expected to hear in there lifetimes I truly believe. It’s like no other and no vibe can match what this song truly is. It’s lyrical, bold and sounds so good that you could listen to it 500 times and still ponder this 5 minute track. Frank just switches everything on for this song, there is a little bit of everything from the spice rack and you hear everything he is trying to tell you. This song is triumphant and monumental in the canon of Frank Ocean. That beat switch at 3:28 is irresistible and leaves you wanting more of something and you don’t know what.

3 – Provider (single that came out in 2017) “Is you a natural blondie like Goku?” This song is worded beautifully, the words are the star of the show however the beat in the back helps to lift this song to the stars. It is ever changing with the vocal tracks and always seems to be there for you when your falling out of the song. The pick up towards the end helps end this beast of a song, it encompasses everything you want Frank Ocean to be. It’s like his voice has filters thrown over them and it sounds better every time you give it a listen.

2- Self Control (off the 2016 album Blond) This song is a journey of tear jerkers and constant pulling on the heart. It’s beautiful and subtle, soft and like pillow and yet the words cut with truth and deep meaning. The ending is where the song just burst into the atmospheres “Take down some summer time” a line that means so much to the lovers of the world, to the people who lost their significant other this song is a trope. It’s what your ears want and Frank knows it and so he gives it all on this track, the heart the soul and the emotions. All three things are conveyed to the best of their abilities.

1- Chanel (single that came out in 2017) This 2017 hit is what I feel is strongest in Frank’s arsenal of music. This song is so much more than what we think it is. It is movement and stillness at the same time, when you listen to it you hear new things every time. A different symphony of sounds is what makes Frank special from the rest of the world. He understands sound and when building a song he just knows how to do that perfectly every time. When I am asked is there any other song in the world that is like this I have to say no, because truly there is nothing like it, it’s special and helps us to understand who Frank is and it reminds all of us how talented he really is.