Top 5 Live Albums

5. George Benson – Weekend in LA : This album really helps to show us how well George Benson can play the guitar. He hits every note he plays and doesn’t skip a beat while doing it. It is electrifying and soothing, it is all you want from Benson and band. His vocals on this album are underrated with great tracks like lady blue and down here on the ground Benson shines with every lyric he sings. The atmosphere is honest and beautiful and you can hear that after every song needs, it is all you want in a live album.

4. The Band – The Last Waltz : What a massive moment in rock history, this album brings together every big hitter you could think of before the era of 80s rock began. With names like Bob Dylan, Neil Young Eric Clapton and so many more this album truly has it all. The best part though is the music, the group plays like they are 20 years younger and at the peaks of their careers. They sound amazing the band has that full sound that you just love to hear in live music. There are mistakes but they are needed to slow down the fast dance that is “The Last Waltz”.

3. Luther Vandross – Live at Radio City Music Hall : When you think of singers you always hear the name Luther Vandross, and this live album is why you hear his name all the time. When I first listened to this album years ago I was blown away by the vocal range of Vandross and how he could control every lyric that he sang that night. The songs are beautifully selected and the band just goes and pops off whenever they get the sign to do so. Luther just holds the audience hostage with his voice and they allow him to do so. Radio City has seen the likes of so many other historic shows but this Valentines day show has to be one the best its ever seen.

2. Marvin Gaye – Live at the London Palladium : The band that plays with Gaye on this live album is astonishing, wow incredible. To have the ability to play like they do is something you could only dream of. Every sound that comes of Gaye’s mouth is evenly matched with an even more beautiful sound from the backing band. The singing on this album is also second to none, what did you expect though it’s Marvin Gaye. Even through headphones you can feel him working the room and thrusting his hips with every note the band plays. The album is filled with standards and medleys of his past Motown days and his current I want you days. This album is incredible and amazing to listen to whenever and wherever.

  1. Getz au Go Go – Stan Getz Quartet : If you want an album that can transport you to a rainy Pairs night club in the 60s this album will surly do that to you. The saxophone of Stan Getz just sails you through the Gilberto vocals and helps tie the whole band together. Though a short album it still allows you to take in every single note that is played the whole night. This album is what you want when looking for a live album. There’s a certain grain sound that lays over all the instruments and you just love to hear it because it adds to the element of the Paris nightclub vibe.