Born and raised on the west side of Chicago, Joshua Randolph the son of Joe and Vickie I knew that I always wanted to be a star. Always saw my name in flashing lights and always knew that the big times were the game that I wanted to play. 

Josh Randolph on left Joe Randolph on right.

I knew very little about what exactly I wanted to do with my life in the beginning, so I tried many different things. I sang in the church choir, I acted in school plays. At one point I thought that I could attend MIT and then go on from there and work for NASA to build space ships. I was bold and adventurous in everything that I applied myself to. I soon realized that space ships and MIT were two things that I could never get into so I quickly went back to seeing my name in billboard lights.

Before entering into high school I still hadn’t had a clue what I wanted to be or do when it was time to decide that. I always just thought that it would come to me, and it did. In my Sophomore year of high school I decided to make a short film about a top of the line drug dealer based out of Miami. The film was titled My Miami, my brother stared as the main character Juan Fuentez. 

It was a success in my friend group and with the people who viewed it. We then took a year break and joined forces a year later to make the sequel of the film, this one was special because it was the beginning of the production team that would soon be called Byrdhouse Productions, and soon would follow the second installment of My Miami. 

After much success the team decided to go down many different walks of film with such movies like bullets or a Mocumentary called the bag. But two years later after much speculation the original Byrdhouse Productions team came together to create My Miami 3. Some called the vision brass others said it wasn’t the way to end it but all together the fans loved it regardless. 

I then graduated high school and move on to college where I knew my dream was to make films or just be behind the camera for any reason. During my time at college I chose to have a radio show on the former 94.1 the dog The show took place at 8am every Friday and was titled “the mellow music morning”. During my time at the mellow music morning I received the prestigious honor of “Top Dog” by having the best show on air at the time.

Currently reigning as the “Top Dog” has meant a lot to me, it has humbled me and made me see a new side of the industry that I thought I would never do. Radio helps to connect me to my listeners in a way that I cannot do with video. I can only give many thanks to those of you who have helped me get where I am now. 

As of today I am the host of the Quiet Cruise which airs Wednesday’s at 7pm on “The Dog at Drake” happy to always sail you off into the in the deep quiet blue of music that is the Quiet Cruise. 

Links to the episodes can be found by clicking here.